Upgrading to a 2016 Tucson? Here’s What Happens to Your Car After Trading It In – Temecula, CA

One of the best feelings is finding that perfect 2016 Hyundai Tucson for sale and trading in your old car toward the purchase price – what a deal! While having a new car is a fantastic experience, do you ever look back at the dealership as you’re driving away and wonder what in the heck is happening to your old ride? I mean, while you’re loving driving your new Tucson compact SUV in Temecula, let’s face it – you’ve spent a lot of time commuting in that old car!

I took a few moments to talk to the team at the most helpful Hyundai dealership in Temecula, and they gave me a few insights into what usually happens to your faithful old vehicle. Turns out, there are three fairly common routes it can go. Let’s take a look at what happens to your car after trading it in:

Recondition and Sell

If you’re driving away in your 2016 Hyundai Tucson Sport with the 175-horsepower 1.6-liter Turbo GDI DOHC four-cylinder engine, you may be so excited by the responsiveness and comfortable ride that you don’t mind what happens to your old car! The good news is, most dealerships will give your old vehicle the star treatment so they can sell it. Since you’ve shown you have excellent taste in cars, there’s little question that your older vehicle was in great shape already!

Wholesale It

If you brought a car that’s not a Hyundai, or not a good fit for the dealership, that’s totally okay. They’ll take your old vehicle and wholesale it to another dealership, more than likely one that specializes in the brand of car you traded in. You may notice that the dealership may offer you a lower price than you expected for this car, but it’s because they make little to no money when they need to wholesale it.


If you had a real clunker – older, very high mileage, not in the best aesthetic shape – the dealership would offer you a very nominal amount and then sell it through auction. These vehicles get used for parts or other useful projects.


If you think you’re ready to buy a new 2016 Hyundai Tucson in Riverside, one of the best crossovers on the road, the Temecula Hyundai finance team can help you make the transition from old to new painless with their ongoing Hyundai promotions. After all, you now know what’ll happen to that old vehicle! You’ll be making a good choice, though. When you need to use the hands-free smart lifgate or get a warning from the lane departure warning system (part of the impressive 2016 Tucson safety features) as you’re driving, you won’t miss your former car one bit!