Car Selling 101: Getting to Know the Trade-In Process – Temecula, CA

Are you thinking of trading in your car for a new one?  Temecula Hyundai makes the trade-in process easy and hassle-free.  I know that a lot of people aren’t sure whether it’s better to trade their car in or try to sell it themselves, because they know they won’t get the same amount from a dealer.  However, if you’re going to purchase a new car anyhow, you probably don’t want to go through the hassle of selling privately.  Also, the trade-in credit you receive from a dealership is like a down payment and will ‘reduce’ the price of your new car. Score!

Unlike selling privately, trading your old vehicle in is relatively hassle-free and comes with a ton of positives. My favorite part about selling privately is not dealing with a person I don’t know trying to haggle me down from my asking price, and wasting my entire afternoon. When you decide to trade your vehicle in, the first thing that happens is the dealership buys your old car from you. Then, they give you credit toward the price of a new car, and that saves you from being stressed about how much to put down.  That’s a done deal, and now the biggest hurdle is done.

After that easy transaction, it’s time to start choosing your new car, and that process is sometimes the longest.  Just making sure the car is the one you want, and going through all the add-ons and warranties can be time-consuming.  But once you’re done, you can drive off the lot waving goodbye to the old, and hello to the new!

In case you’re wondering what happens to your old car, never fear. The dealership, if they sell used cars, will clean it up nicely and put it on their lot to sell.  If they don’t sell used cars, or not the type of car you traded in, they will send it to a dealer car auction where another dealer will buy it to put on his used-car lot. Easy as that!

Even though you won’t receive the same amount for your car that you would if you’d decided to sell it privately, I have always preferred the trade-in process just to save time and hassle.  Temecula Hyundai will help you with this process, no problem, and you can be driving home in your 2015 Accent or 2015 Santa Fe today!