The Top 4 Reasons Not to Smoke In Your Car! – Temecula, CA

In California, people who enjoy smoking have seen their habit come under fire over the past ten years – sometimes with good reason, and sometimes seemingly not such good reasons. Whichever your stand on smoking, it can be widely agreed that inside the car, whether driving or just while parked, is the last place many smokers have left to light up without getting disapproving looks.

I was visiting the premier Hyundai dealership in Temecula, CA when I noticed how fantastic the new 2016 line of Hyundai cars all smelled on the interior! It didn’t matter if it was a new 2016 Hyundai Elantra sedan, or the new 2016 Veloster Rally Turbo – they all smelled great!

I spent some time talking to the team at Temecula Hyundai and asked how a new car owner can hold onto that fantastic smell as long as possible. Their answer, first of all: Don’t smoke in your 2016 Hyundai! Here are their top four of reasons not to smoke in your car:

It’s Smelly

Cigarette smoke isn’t the same as, say, the scent from your to-go box of curry that may linger for a few hours; it’s smoke that seeps into the foam in the seats, the carpet and anything else even slightly porous in the interior. It gets into everything and is nearly impossible to get out. While I’m not giving anyone the judge-y face right now, if they smoke, it’s a known quantity that old cigarette smoke smells bad. Think of camping… gathering around the campfire is a fun thing to do, but cleaning out the fire pit the next day is gross. The used wood smells terrible. While cigarette smoke may not be awful during the actual smoking, the leftover smoke that gets into everything just isn’t pleasant.

There Are Allergies

Aside from the lingering smell being unpleasant, you should be aware that there are individuals out there who are allergic to cigarette smoke if you’re part of a carpool or often drive friends around. Like, legitimately will begin to sneeze all over your clean interior if they catch a whiff of it. Don’t make people sneeze all over your interior.

It’s Distracting

There’s a school of thought out there that believes smoking while driving is as distracting as, say, texting. This line of thought leads to the conclusion that if you’re distracted by the act of smoking while you drive, you make inadvertently drop ash on the floor, adding to the smell (and dirt) there.

You May Drop Hot Ash

Otherwise known as the “cherry” on the end of the cigarette, this clump of hot ash will burn a hole right through your seat, carpet or pants! This is especially prone to happening while you’re driving with the windows down and the wind catches the end of the cigarette and knocks it right off. This adds to the smell because besides the smoke, there’s going to be the smell of singed fabric – yuck!


Now, if you’re a smoker, this isn’t saying you’re a bad person, just that it’s not the best thing to do inside your vehicle. Though California has enacted some pretty tough regulations for smoking outside, it’s the best place to indulge when you feel like lighting up. And it won’t affect the resale value of your Hyundai! If you need to be reminded how good that new car scent is, stop by Temecula Hyundai and check out the selection of extra “green” and eco-friendly vehicles that always smell fresh during your ride (just imagine driving the 2016 Hyundai Sonata Plug-In around Temecula!)