Hyundai Recall: Faulty Brake Lights on Genesis and Equus – Temecula, CA

2011_hyundai_genesis_sedan_38_fq_oem_1_500Hyundai Recall Alert!

A recall has been issued for some 2009-2011 Hyundai Genesis and 2011 Hyundai Equus luxury models because of a potential problem with a circuit in the brake system that may prevent the brake lights from illuminating. There haven’t been any reports of accidents or injuries because of this problem as of yet, but the risk of getting rear-ended is great enough that Hyundai has issued the recall. Your local Hyundai dealership will replace this circuit at no cost to you, and that includes us here at Temecula Hyundai! Your safety is of the utmost importance to us, and while this Hyundai recall isn’t due to a mechanical issue, we hope you bring your Genesis or Equus into us soon, even if you don’t currently notice a problem with your lights.

Usually, the idea that a car has been recalled for any reason kind of freaks people out. And if you’re currently driving a 2009-2011 Genesis or 2011 Equus, this Hyundai recall may have you rather concerned! But as we say…we here at Temecula Hyundai stand behind the Hyundai line of vehicles, and their commitment to safety and quality. We’d like to bring up a few of the safety features that come, both standard and optional, with the Genesis and Equus – the kind of features that allow us to be so confident in this line. The Hyundai Genesis can come equipped with optional automatic emergency braking,  lane departure warning with Lane Keep Assist, and HID headlights with High Beam Assist (these bad boys can automatically switch from high beams to low beams when an oncoming car is detected! No taking your hands off the wheel late at night!) The Hyundai Equus combines the ultimate in luxury with the ultimate in safety…it comes with nine airbags (seriously, NINE!), a unibody frame, electronic stability control, and blind spot detection…to name just a few of its innovative features!

Your California Hyundai Recall Experts

We stand behind the Hyundai line of cars, but more importantly, we stand behind you, our loyal customers who’ve entrusted us to sell you a safe, reliable, and comfortable Hyundai. After all, you’re our very first priority!  And since we’d love to make you a loyal Hyundai owner for life, we offer all our customers the Temecula Hyundai Advantage (which includes perks like a 72-hour exchange policy, lifetime FREE nitrogen, lifetime FREE car washes, and lifetime FREE multi-point inspections).

Stop by with your Genesis or Equus so we can check “Hyundai recall” off your already full to-do list this holiday season. Our experts in the service department will replace the circuit, answer any questions you may have and heck…maybe just hang out with you for a bit!