Hit the Road, Pediatric Cancer: Every New Vehicle Sold At Temecula Hyundai Benefits Hyundai Hope On Wheels Organization – Temecula, CA

Did you know September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? If you didn’t, it’s likely that just one heartbreaking statistic will ensure your awareness is piqued for much longer than a short thirty-day block on the calendar: Nearly 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year.

Again, nearly 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer each year. That’s nearly 1,250 children each month. That’s nearly 42 children each day. And that last number is just shy of being twice the size of an average elementary school classroom in the United States. Is your awareness piqued now?

We certainly hope these facts, though unfathomable and unfair, inspired you to join in the fight against pediatric cancer. While suffering and sadness may permeate the stories of these children and their families, they’re also filled with an insurmountable strength that sparks the paramount component of their tale: An unwavering sense of hope. And with Hyundai Hope On Wheels, an organization benefitting pediatric cancer since 1998, hope has followed in the last 17 years in the form of widespread awareness, groundbreaking research, fruitful grants and more than $107 million in donations. With such hope, there will soon be a day in which no child has to hear the words, “you have cancer.”


The 2015 Hyundai Hope On Wheels campaign is called “Every Handprint Tells a Story, an existential affirmation that reminds us just how unique each child’s handprint is and how the one-of-a-kind lines upon them, though tiny, represent their dreams, narratives, desires and deepest hopes. Those small, but mighty, hands are those that can mold the world, and we’ve got the entire Hyundai family behind us to see the day these fighters can finally put a fist to this grappling illness.


With a portion of the proceeds of each new Hyundai sold at Temecula Hyundai benefitting Hope On Wheels, we’ve helped fund research and treatment that’ll someday end childhood cancer. And while all participating Southern California Hyundai dealerships raised a total of $250,000 to be donated to the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (one of 45 selected children’s hospitals across the nation), our Dealer Principal, Bob Bayer, has been chosen to represent the entire region of our brand’s stores at the annual Handprint Ceremony for the third year in a row. And even though Temecula Hyundai is one of Southern California’s top-performing Hyundai stores, giving back to the community is a value that ultimately surpasses providing an unparalleled sales and service experience to our customers. As such, Mr. Bayer will honor each pediatric cancer survivor or patient in treatment’s brazen bravery and present them with a $250 gift card in addition to the donation.


At the ceremony, the children will have the opportunity to add their unique handprints to lab coats of the dedicated doctors and researchers who don them at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. Along with the kids, our very own Bob Bayer will be one of the many Southern California Hyundai dealers adding their hands to end pediatric cancer through Hope On Wheels.


Your awareness is certainly piqued now, isn’t it? Please join us in the cause, express your support and share an encouraging message of hope using the hashtag #EndChildhoodCancer. Check out the hashtag in use by Hyundai Hope On Wheels on Twitter regarding the big event in Los Angeles!