How to Select a Safe Car Seat for Your Little Passengers – Temecula, CA

Child Safety SeatHere at Temecula Hyundai we know that our most popular Hyundais, including the  Elantra, Genesis, Tucson, and Sonata, are some of the safest, most kid-friendly vehicles around! However, we also know that one of the things that’s going to make a huge difference in the event of any kind of accident is having your child buckled into a safe and secure car seat.  An effective car seat needs to be appropriate for your child’s size and age, and it must be installed correctly. Here’s how to select a safe car seat for your littlest passenger:

Read your vehicle’s owners manual first thing
Before going out shopping for the perfect car seat, read your vehicles owners manual.  This will tell you where the seat needs to be positioned to guarantee safety, and if your Hyundai has a LATCH system which stands for the Lower Anchors and Tethers for Children system. All new Hyundais have this system, so it will be your call if you’d like to use this system to anchor your car seat, or use the seatbelt.

Make sure you choose the right seat size for your child
Seat choice should depend on their age, height, and weight.  For infants and newborns, you want a rear-facing seat.  Generally, it’s recommended to have your child use a rear-facing seat for as long as possible because they’re the safest for a child in the case of an accident.  Once your child is over two years old, and over the recommended height, it’s time for a forward-facing seat. Once they reach eight years old and are over 40 pounds, it’s time for a booster seat!

The back seat is king
Make sure you take time to measure your back seat so you know how much room you have for the car seat.  Some of the bases are larger than others, and you don’t want everything just jammed into the space!  In addition, it’s California state law that any child under the age of twelve must be in the backseat. This is because if the front airbag deploys during an accident a smaller child can be seriously hurt by the force of it rapidly inflating.

Choose something easy to clean
This is our bonus tip for you! You’ve been spending all day doing your homework and trying to pick out the safest car seat, we’re going to help you out big time with this one.  There will be milk, there will be Cheerios, there will be a mess. The last thing you need is a seat that has fabric that soaks in the mess…it will stink. And it will be a stink that will stay.

At Temecula Hyundai, your safety, and the safety of your child, is of utmost concern!  If you have questions about how to install your car seat, come by today and let us help you figure out the best way to get it installed.