Give It a Real Purpose! 5 Car Dashboard Products That Make Your Hyundai Even More Useful – Temecula, CA

I was driving to work the other day, and I had to make a quick stop because the person in front of my slammed on their brakes so they wouldn’t run a red light. Of course, stopping so abruptly meant that, well, a bunch of stuff came sliding off my dashboard only to land right in my lap! Gah! I’m fairly positive that your 2015 Hyundai Accent interior isn’t as much of a mess as my station wagon, but we can all use some help, right? My exceedingly clean friends at the best Temecula area Hyundai dealership, let me know that there are ways to utilize the dashboard! By this, I mean in more ways than simply throwing your junk mail up there and hoping for the best.

Whether it’s a way to make the dashboard useful, or just to make it look less boring, you might consider snagging some of the best car dashboard products we’ve found!

Make It Stick

There’s a product called “Heininger’s DashGrip gel pads” that makes your dashboard totally usable. It is what it says it is, a gel pad that sticks to your dashboard; and then all your stuff sticks to the gel pad! Spare change? No problem! Junk mail? Stick it until you find a garbage can! Brilliant!

Keep a Record

Dowson’s Car Dashboard Video Recorder can be mounted on the dash, and it’s more helpful than you may realize; especially if there’s an accident! Have you ever rear-ended someone because they stopped with no warning? Somehow, if you’re the one doing the rear-ending, it’s your fault no matter what. But, if you have visual evidence that you couldn’t avoid it, you’re off the hook!

Keep Your Phone In Place

I have an iOttie in my station wagon, and it’s golden. You don’t have to stick to your dash, but it’s been the most useful place I’ve ever set my phone on. One of the best things about it is that my phone no longer falls into the side of the seats. This is more important that I ever imagined!

Keep It Covered

Every car I’ve ever owned (except for my cadre of Minis because, seriously, European) have had a dash mat. These dash covers use double backed Velcro sticky tape to stick to the dashboard, and work to cut glare and protect your (probably plastic) dashboard from getting worn and cracked.

Just Nod Your Head

Bobblehead dolls. Love them or hate them, they will always agree with you! I have Count Chocula in my station wagon right now, and he’s exceedingly agreeable!


If you’re interested in seeing how much room the dashboard of the 2015 Hyundai Accent really has for all these cool tools, stop in at your premier Temecula Hyundai store today and see what they have in stock! Not into the Accent? No problem! Check out their online used car deals deals, too!